Markus Hof Vocals, synthesizers, guitars

Photo: Viviana Ball / vivamusic.ro

The Flood.

What started out as a progressive rock band in the mid-90s has now condensed into some of the most moving electronic music ever written.

There may be references to dark wave bands of the 80s, but it's something very modern. When it's not driven by a bouncy rhythm, THE FLOOD is a slowly waltzing thunderstorm of feelings.

THE FLOODuses an archaic approach to music, from a time when the first spark of a song was an emotion that needed to be conveyed, an emotion that found it's way through the psyche onto the audible surface. It is a labour of love, of love to real hand-made music. Even ifTHE FLOODuses synthesizers (very new and very old ones), there is everything hand-played, not-programmed, not-sampled, not auto-tuned. It's how it should be.

Even if most songs have a strong rhythm, there is enough depth and space to let yourself fall into and be carried away.

THE FLOOD has everything set up for you. Take a seat, relax, and feel loved.