The shrine is a special place, where all people are worshipped that did something great to, for or with or against THE FLOOD. Or just great people anway :)

A Special Place for special people in almost random order!

Vince Clarke

This young and aspiring artist, maybe known to some as the keyboardist of Yazoo, Erasure and Depeche mode, and maybe known as the person who had more top 10 hits than Michael Jackson (did he? I didn‘t count), once tweeted that he liked „The Right Time“ of my album „In Love or Despair“. Okay, I asked him in a shameless act of „me me me please“, but he responded and said he liked it. As he is the official grandmaster of everything synthpop, I fell from my chair when I read this. As I recovered I have promised him to tell EVERY fan of mine to buy all of his albums. So please go out and buy any Erasure, Yazoo or Depeche (hint: Speak&Spell) or VCMG album you want. Special hint: it‘s christmas soon and you might like the wonderful new „Snowglobe“ album :)

So THANK YOU VINCE, that little tweet you surely have forgotten by now meant a LOT to me! :)

Manuel Richter / Leaf Audio

This also young and aspiring artist is one of the greatest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Humble, friendly and funny, and incredibly talented. He is very deep into electronic music and that‘s why I have asked him to co-produce a few songs on „In Love Or Despair“.

Which he agreed to. I was lucky! Or he needed the money! :)

Anyway, I am very grateful for that, he helped a few tracks change from mediocrity to perfect synthpop. (The Right Time, High Above, Be Like This and especially Tell a Lie)

Apart from many collaborations with renowned artists he has a few musical projects you simply have to listen to:

Underwater pilots


Silent Walls (newest project)

and his corporate website, should you need some perfect mixing, mastering or producing:

Thank you, Manuel! :)

Christoph Stickel, Quelle:

Christoph Stickel / CSMastering

Christoph Stickel has golden ears and a big heart. Always very positive and absolutely professional. He has worked with the biggest names in Music business and you really have question him until he tells you :) He is far too humble :D

I am humbled he agreed on mastering „In Love Or Despair“. At the tracks where Manu was not available, he helped me with mixing and made the album sound like it does now. Thank you, Christoph :)